Peace and love

The school today is a frozen thought  in an actual damage and yet, most people still without thinking promote the same ignorance ever since that unites them in a medieval torpor, in a football stadium, drowsiness in a continuous wail that condemns them into a mandatory frequency without results and perpetual ignorance waiting for the savior and while the same parents could not think of living without the school they are condemning themselves in awaiting God’s judgment so their child at school waiting for judgement  as spiritual amputation.

A good eye that is covered by a bandage in early age it becomes blind because has no stimulus, a quantum mechanics of cause and effect that meet the child to the sound of the bell when the escape is the real true result of all the words spoken in the classroom.

School staff in dictatorial desires apparently called pedagogical promote materials soups without any nutrient digestibility made of poor character and futility. In school we do not study “how to feel good” or “how to enjoy an happy and peaceful life with others but it began a long series of constraints whose results do not pay light lost.

Sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable classroom closed and suffocating where: consuming a snack or “recreation” break screaming, laughing, silence and orders, copy, play and study without future directions between salad of subjects and judgments under the banner of tolerance and peace, racism and non-violence, in a preaching of not judging under the general insecurity despite being on trial every day.

We study the economy as per inappropriate consumption of paper while health and hygiene is equivalent to show hands to ask permission to bathroom. Two main systems dated 1952 and 1924 ( Steiner – Montessori) call for a well reformed school needed to take place from what they created a cheap way of schooling a school quality life made to suffer that does not have anything to do with the children life. It may was good for them at their time ( maybe). Reformed reforms need an innovation based on construction, structural, organizational, contemporary pedagogical to present time because what was considered modern 40/60 years ago, now is history. Culture and education overall has been dragged into a cultural chauvinism where nothing remains but to read man misdeeds.

School memories are made by long periods sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs with the standing back straight rigor, unfortunately all dreams and fantasies waiting to be piloted disappear…only the really strong ones survived

Keep study history wars if you want to steer towards peace and tolerance!. Have you ever seen a book of peace and love? Do they teach peace and love at school? Do History guide you toward tolerance?  A contradiction is to study history searching for peace as it does not meet a published text material, educational subjects that guide the “path of peace and tolerance” if you do not move that socialization among school staff, but individually behind closed doors the line is short at that ‘illusory freedom and democracy inherent diverted on the “consolidated equity” which calls for a more social racism than educational and cultural solution.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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