The indifference to future meets initial value results

The job itself worth his harmony by being offered and organized to please and the example is the environment and intrinsic behavior. Attending daily lessons and proposals in unhealthy schools without physical and mental freedom of expression in a total obstruction to education smells as an expired time elapsed with textbooks submitted by school operators in a robotic mechanism that moves consumption and consumerism under the name of economy in a constant stupidity of people, you can’t help but meeting social crises equivalent by not accepting a “democratically” obligation to models not more appropriate.

The school distracted and lost blocked the construction of new possibilities that create those parallel synchronized randomness by bringing  upcoming next solutions definite coincidental control.           Fairness! The transformation of democracy untenable as illusory comes under the name of Equity where students are consumed in classes called “A-B-C-D” and relatives desks meeting the first line with the last row. If the systems are well organized and school management meets the needs of young people, the solution will open differently.

Racism and bullying begin silently and unconsciously at school when silent is ordered by the teacher, a pupil has being recall among the privacy of others, votes and opens judgments are given, teachers takes possession of student’s personal diary or a notebook without asking permission … uses his/her arrogance of power in managing the class because school education does not teach education as “good manners” simply because the structure and organization does not allow it and the same school staff come from a school market of ruthless and arrogant judgment but communicating to children that education has to be learned at home with their parents without recognizing being children of a global gaming poorly managed since its foundation … leaving the sanitation work and hygiene of toilets to a slavery janitor; a career without profile or a future.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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