Liberal arts

Why students have to follow a school subject and receive negative comments when there is a need of individuality ( all with the same book) and reject the buddy desk because he is not good in geography as the student in the back row!     Considered the circus where the elephant dance and seals are playing ball in a union of animals that are not doing their natural things.

The “team”, the prerogative of the teamwork it doesn’t comes from the obligation but by the desire to belong, to be part of, each one in his single capacity seat, united single students of different nature and social cultural interest, singular school desk creating a team…without copying from your classmate or you’ll be punished!!!

The school slogan: “study or you will be rejected, study or you will become like a donkey! In the book of history, the list of bad characters apparently has an higher result than the good ones, in fact, are studied with rigor and handy judgment, while for the good…. Ballot is missing, false promises.

A lesson need to have a name to be moved on otherwise it would not be called so, because it can take place need to be called with a name therefore can be called: “lesson” on the other hand does not fall within school parameters in their personal intuition. Let students choose their books, let their hands fall “accidentally” on the book more suitable and let  words get out … with the surprise of the teacher! How many times actually we learn from our children and how many times we see them smarter than us!

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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