Hygiene VS Gender

School structure should Act on programs as well as school ambient and organization should act on teachers role. Time and timing meet students participation and groups subjects evaluation… Educational perspectives addressed to educational needs and cultural activities, lightening culture at a turning point attracting less problems. School educational problems increase when nothing has been arranged and prepared at kindergarten. It remains a general school duty to address future citizen’s rights by presenting and offering a quality service that embraces the education and cultural information in a distributed environment

The school as it stands is not strong enough to self-organize and organize the future, cannot solve programs and consequent organization, cannot dress up a new generation with clothes no longer suitable. The role of the teachers has no flavor and misses the value that deserves respect. Programs, books, and school organization are nothing but a timely response to a mechanism that has dragged ever since, a reformed chaos that requires action in order to offer contemporary schooling life.

Dissatisfaction in all departments worth the untrusted and false school identity where teaching garbage separation does not meet any service, it would be like looking for a wastebasket or find hygiene knowledge in Sunday church.

The same thing happens in a classroom of 15/30 students where interiors provide a single basket (strictly emptied from the janitor) that’s all what Hygiene is about, in the meantime progresses the collection of plastic caps while the use of photocopies are widespread. The economy should starts from the school environment and guide when teachers do not respond with: “This is not my money!” ( it means they don’t care).

Hygiene, the general cleaning affecting hygiene of the school are moved through the janitor, a character from all-doing: from public relations, messaging, to safe – control, small maintenance jobs, locking and opening times.                               A job with no growing future that sees a doorman or concierge in a hotel raising up to receptionist or other any other position, the janitor has his career locked in a dead end. There isn’t a head janitor or an assistant janitor, a second janitor, janitor uniform is made by an apron  over his casual dress, a school slave worker.

Personal hygiene, limited to brushing teeth and hands washing are communicated through few pages of a book as if it were a subject to be studied instead of being subject of daily practice. It Should be guided by the teacher to wash hands frequently … if services are available, until you develop that mechanical aspect of being… but this is not enough…

Hygiene, a field such as the kitchen as per food and beverage will follow the individual throughout life time are not taken into account. The mayor problem is: “gender”  There is talk of multimedia whiteboards for education and micro “safety-road” (as if the children were left to go to the streets on their own) and others projects with no longer vision, reason while the basic sciences fall into the future of those who will go further.Directing thought toward helping hygiene education to be responsible for learning an “active” subject creating responsibility, duties that open to a development of general values

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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