Problems VS Solutions

A class composed by elements of different age and united in an numerological organization contributes to global respect in rights and duties activating awareness. Being responsible means control, management and leadership, therefore to receive liability to place a mission the duty to participate a commitment to knowledge, empowered active classes in moving students character to “work” into direct consciousness and conscientiousness that matter.

It is a social responsibility in the classroom and consequently moved to the surrounding when presented in educational suitable spaces adapted to the needs when recognized as such. Meet the needs of each single individual as per we are all one, find solutions in meeting the expectations of the nation will in respect to those who want to accompany their future to future truth.

If you want Olympic champions better drive interested students in similar desires in sporting success and so for music art, science. What I mean is what do we want to build from our students. Creating islands in the classroom with mini tables surrounded by mini chairs placed in a circle it doesn’t mean creating a group, especially when the teacher is pushing herself in an uncomfortable adaptation, clumsy and ridiculous curved where parent in taking part in class meetings they ends up with their knees under their chin adapting to an environment not prepared, this is not education either much less a solution to culture where schools is used for electoral political vote, entering the children house while spreading bad energy education and even less cultural but only a selfishness consecrated … why at this point they don’t use the house of the Lord instead of the school!

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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