A circle of fools

A reduction of teachers role’s by revaluing the awareness of being a knowledge guide on providing information in a specific singular clear precise subject  within valuable regular update, this is the information guideline within the students group. For those teachers accustomed having their “genital” covered behind the desk, education and a new revisited pedagogical ideals will removes automatically  teacher’s who are not … who hasn’t value, who has never been, apples for fruit salad.

Re adapt school workers to systematic changes into the common good of the entire school process by creating spaces and qualify work environments supporting the most of their existence. Stop supporting the system when it does not offer “good life, good living.”  (it’s already hard enough on his own) No one returns in a place that didn’t offer good service or good food and the obligation to return sooner or later leads an unconscious rebellion addressed to achieve better results.

Teacher’s “severity” replaced in saving school money “the gym instructor”!  Gym classes has never been taken seriously, this is why most students  had always positive reviews, rare cases where a student has been postponed in  gym classes!

When students are having fun it means (for school and parents) that they are not working and work must be hard sweat, suffering, tortured exactly as they had and want you to have, to remember and need to perpetuate an evil like believers whip themselves as their Jesus did!

Modernized concentration camps welcomes students to suffer as much as prisoners did: ” look what they did to us and remember our suffering”  but keep on running because war never end. This is a completely total frustration to children who are in peace and just want to have fun creating new opportunities in their new venture, why do we have to continue what is gone as after all wars are kept alive in modern technologies. This is the real man History, a never ending war…but if you look at science or Art there are much bigger evolutionary status that school doesn’t really appreciate.

Written quotes in published books categories, everything should work in an optimum model while instead man is still a victim of selfishness to believe to be the architect of the earth movement. We are Human Being and not Human Doing

How students can practice communication or simple socialize if they have no place to practice, where school corridor recreation is filled with runners and bathrooms are already crowded by those who run away from lessons. Janitors too tired, too lazy to maintain order, spinning on empty, you don’t really well recognize their function between cleanings, carrying bags, messengers, controlling, gatekeepers, a factotum slave of the school.

How much a teacher can talk about a page that illustrate the Antarctica, or Africa, the Columbus voyage, Napoleon story, mites evolution or plant life, the solar system and more without promoting images, informational videos, documentaries, movies, material that provides and ensures a trigger memory, not that “lesson” presented with arrogance and dictatorship of lack of experience and fake knowledge. We know that an image strikes first than a sentence, it helps to understand, to have a clear vision, entering the period to better assimilate the message. Through words is not easy for all students to acquire the same message (just look at the tragedy of the Bible, which sees 34,000 branches in promoting a single meaning). You have to imagine a picture while losing the thread in the speed of imagination while following a teacher’s speech, of course in a drawing class the image, not imagined, will have a specific task in differential expression, so … how long a teacher can speak when you have a video information directly without recalling on maintaining the attention and screams of showing off little education.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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