Pointless to wait for an outside food service called “catering” when it should “primarily” organized and promoted  as a life time activity  Learning becomes mechanical in what is experienced by living it, exercising steps that leads into the next one.

Errors of a designed and arranged pedagogy on social purposes shows a clear failure and a subsequent attempt to narrow steps between insecure inexperienced specialists and managers moving a dance without a proper music. The school failure has two teachers placed by a single desk, a ridiculous situation because: or the desk stretches out or the class it need to be widens , adding a desk worsen the space and the concentration of students already struggling the attention! Adding an assistant or a supporting teacher  does not lead to have a desk encyclopedia, (running without material), no environment and unsolved problems.

Allow school’s operators to work in a culture environment  that produces and communicates education,  recognizing what kind of support is necessary in order to bring permanent solutions and what type of additional solutions are directed to evolved out of school, fewer problems are created and multiple valuation solutions arise. A teacher certification is valuable when their professionalism is validated by a single subject updated and presented on time in an optimal and optimized learning accordance with the educational materials directed to inform out the material without the presupposition of judgment.

Teachers, Culturally and educationally poor limited to what they have learned in their school time, covering a will just to belong behind a chair like that’s their office for which they sacrifice a life in an illusory membership of all remains theory or secretly hidden by political propaganda, so they are not even up to a professional certification.

Results are given by presenting a mixed salad of materials and timing thrown in chaos with no reason to be, they do not have cultural value and the damage remains visible in the society made even by teachers themselves and all those who perpetuate the damage with  founded facts. Weapon of mass destruction VS weapon of mass creation.

Responsibility Training and supporting  a wide variety of teachers individually placed in classrooms, each one of them in his own idea of “schooling” in an illusory arrogance of “knowing” but systematically serving a disorganized idea/ system where everyone runs their own personal  within intrinsic malfunctioning addressed estate creating laws to oppose problems without promoting solutions with the effect of a country in to unsuccessful public services 

It remains unthinkable that one teacher can teach all subjects proposed to a group of student, his training, his knowledge would require a constant  daily updating to fill the gaps that books cannot communicate, inconceivable how they can communicate the whole “mandatory school” level exclusively with textbooks made of little or nothing at all value. Books that at the end of the school year they end up in boxes, basement or garage because they do not have enough energy to win a place over time at the home library, they do’t even fit in the library!

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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