Keep calm and go to school

School, the institutional “educational”system should be responsible in creating citizens of an “equal” cultural identity and respectively a chain, this can be done only by a renovated school pedagogically clear, culturally and educationally correct, innovative, functional. Become responsible citizens, to be a responsible citizen wants responsibility in the early years of school exactly as what is in our power as parents, a “guide / instruction – how to use it – dosage  – composition “.

It doesn’t have to be the look of a good posture in the chair, but the cultural, social, hygienic environment that meets the values required to future disposal as the person who’s directed to the environment. Educational environment today seems like to be the visit to the museum or a library which is used exclusively for the student to get out of that stench closed smelly suffocating classroom that meets, nailing and unites every day in a torture that makes them “noisy” the need of  feeling free, exactly what happens at the sound of the school bell, the release of repressed energies, the goal in the stadium turned into chaos, the camp village that blends with a chaos where glasses and table are beaten down with cutlery to make noise erroneously called “fun”.

Evidently pedagogy in its dullness still thinks as a “grow up” man with tragic visible results with everything that has been put on the road between prejudices and false morality the memory of the youngsters escapes as she was ashamed, as if it were a necessary step due to access a lack of growth that has not gratitude of the past .

All culture has to be redone, re- write, man needs to be reshaped. Not to throw a cigarette on the beach or rubbish on the floor it doesn’t need to be a law but it should come directly as per empathy or simple natural living. Any religion you pick has strange rules and ideology all build on fake proposal instead of being in love and peace, they just put you against one to another in the name of “GOD” whoever is he!!!

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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