Effective learning

Effective learning while creating a well being group, big brother compensation Time in his simple division, when it’s run shorter, quicker and more direct – the group as a union of non-group “class” – connect divided ages into common groups of equal interest -Teachers, guides, information participate in the activities while cultural material information worth the book like other cultural /educational sources – the variety of media communication handy by providing multitask info

Environments are alternated in a carousel of time moved to form integrity and cultural education – professional education is moved to form and perform a harmonium communion made of real facts with real future effects – rights and duties handy- the environment point which you create yourown results, your evaluation self-generated to produce truth in educational / training – the program follows a gestation Time schedule that create wheels of culture and education measurable in your next step

Published by Marco Brevi

The intuitive Vision is what makes out of us being a Genius. My intuitive vision allow me to draw solutions through a cosmopolitan school and educational design made to excel evolve and renew old paradigms no longer suitable

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