The evolution is the solution

I always had visions of the future creating ideas to facilitate the development of the social environment carried in evolving a company or a system.  Harmonize an organization in order to simplify life within a single day. Here in short lines mine specific within the mandatory school in order to improve the education in a systematic evolutionary improvement.

So many words have been spent in education within researches and missed expectations over all that it seems strange and absurd to keep reading among the entire great sentence already spoken within missing ingredients in real time.  Even if there are countries with “supposedly” great education environment, others are falling in a conservatory vintage “ideals” no longer acceptable. Plus, even if there is a model to follow, nobody does follow but they just keep talking about it!!! In almost all schools students study the English language as if it should be the answer of all the social communication and the only country not in European community is England!!! facts that turn you crazy if you think about a contradiction and general education communication.Technology in school (like in the secondary level) and it is forbidden to use a mobile phone in any matter and there is no way to bring your laptop …

School project mobilization
The evolution is the solution that guide’s you to a contemporary floating over the waves of your life therefore as children in the field of being the next citizen. Self-building through quantum mechanism common reactions to an unknown metaphysics rules called species evolution.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life