All you need is love?

genderDo at school teach LOVE?  I’m afraid at they don’t, they do’t even teach good manners or how to live your life in peace and love as the entire educational process is based on judgement.

Human rights? do the students have human rights sitting for hours at their miserable desk ?

There is a pressing on sexual education  believing there is more behind the scene than simply teaching sexuality. Mass-media are working very soft  but constantly. Hygiene and food & Beverage should be more valuable as well as enhancing  personal qualities.

News communicate that 98% of people want sexual education…but no one knock at my door asking if I agree

Parents are the ones who should be invited to schooling their beliefs and than support and educate their child. It seems like a fake political vote..or simply articles made to promote what has to come. Sexual education…where school operators are still racist on their beliefs on gender.

About gender It really doesn’t matter who you love as the most important is just loving each other. Husband and wife get married with lots of love and hopes ending up in division of properties and deep hate. So where is the matter of gender, It’s an illusion of being when you discover you’re in love with the neighbor’s “goat”!!!

We are facing an economic crisis like many others civilization had and at school (primary secondary) every single day there are classes of mathematics as if it were the solution of the entire education on saving the planet.

Of course this is a clear response of that we have been teaching earlier as this is the fruit that emerges 20 years later but considering that the school has let’s say 1000 years history results are pretty visible. We start the news with crime, political roundabout, Pope traveling ending up with football and… tomorrow is another day.

The future is now:

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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