Punishment at school

As I go to school, I am obliged to listen at the Master / Teacher / Professor for two three five hours; a class companion makes me laugh for a gesture or phrase and I get punished? Cornered out the door with the math book?

How dare he thinks he is studying pedagogy on punishing a child, a student who by the way is not even his son. I get punished without being asked why I laugh and if I cry? I get punished even if I cry? laughing is a consequence of a momentary feeling as well as crying. The professor calls for respect towards himself and asks respect among classmates … but he did not say that he should respect those who finally gives him a job!!!

If the student is at his place the professor has his desk therefore compliance is valid in both cases. A teacher is a teacher because there is a student to be guided  otherwise the position will be empty as the characters wouldn’t work.

The punishment? Year 2015, the punishment was fueled by the failure of a priest called Carlo Collodi with his Pinocchio story killing Candlewick ” Lucignolo”.  IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WITH THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF PEDAGOGY THEY STILL DIDN’T REACH A DIFFERENT METHOD? How  the school can talk about future of education or school without frontiers when simple arrangement are still facing 1800 rules?

We go back at the chalkboard with donkey ears to get where we are today? I laugh and say that laughter is good for blood health and spirit and is vital for a child’s, there are moments when we laugh without reason and you damn professor /  master / you put me in a corner? who are you? Driving a car more worth 3000 Euros living in a small apartment, you wipe your nose with your index finger at the red light and put me in the corner because your personal tragedy or just because I laugh? This is called “spiritual amputation”. Where is the respect, why not asking the reason why laughing where is the  training team  It’s not the end of the world if I laugh even less deserving the punishment …  remember to be working to please the system not to express your fear anger  … remember that you are a mortal human being and time ago a child.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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