How chaos is generated.

chaos is generated when we keep putting staff in our drawers, desktop, table, closet. basement, attic. Once we open it we find valuable surprises, forgotten memories of past time. We reorganize our state of mind, our energy, we get rid of stuff no longer needed and we create space for the new beginning. Energy start to flow again and time replace empty spaces still in confusion to be reordered.

A salad of hours covered by different subjects thrown just to fill empty hours it doesn’t show organize, it create chaos in any direction a bustle of hours and teachers running like waiters without a direction running from one classroom to another in  generating chaos of imbecility in quality life. disorder. There is no point to talk about the future of education when a simple organization can lead to better school in present time.

It seems like we love creating to ourselves hard time and then searching relaxing oriental method under the name of yoga, meditation, Reiki, relax, training autogeno and bla bla bla. I rather go for the solution at first instead of: “problem – reaction – solution”.  Teachers can’t think because they never use that radical part of the brain as they follow ever since a school paradigm

Imagine a school where teachers need to sell their subject and automatically obtaining students  based on their job…while students are free to judge their operate.

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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