Personal qualities

Personal qualities

  1. Able to work alone
  2. Analytical
  3. Ambitious
  4. Cooperative
  5. Conscientious
  6. Congenial
  7. Competent
  8. Courageous
  9. Decisive
  10. Diplomatic
  11. Discreet
  12. Efficient
  13. Enthusiastic
  14. Honest
  15. Intelligent
  16. Industrious
  17. Imaginative
  18. Level headed sensible practical  realistic  prudent  pragmatic  wise  reasonable  rational mature judicious sound  sober  businesslike  nonsense  composed  calm  cool  and collected’ confident  well-balanced  equable  coolheaded self-possessed having one’s feet on the ground  unflappable  together  grounded
  19. Leader ship abilities
  20. Loyal
  21. Orderly
  22. Open minded
  23. Observant
  24. Patient
  25. Persuasive
    1. Punctual
  26. Persistent
  27. Resourceful
  28. Sincere
  29. Sympathetic

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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