The list has been developed to help you evaluate personal qualities, which might be significant to an employer BUT valuable in school students operations evaluations.

1 ABLE TO WORK ALONE. Do you plan your own work? Can you work by yourself when there are no other people around?

2 AMBITIOUS. Do you keep up with the current literature in the area of work you do? Do you take on extra assignments that will help you get ahead? Do you plan your career advancement?

3 ANALYTICAL. Do you perceive relationships easily? Have you ever solved a problem that had baffled others?

4 COMPETENT. Are you able to meet deadlines? Is your work generally accepted “as is”? Have you ever accomplished some feat of speed or skill in your chosen field?

5 CONGENIAL. Do you work well with others? Have you served on committees at school? At work? In the community?

6 CONSCIENTIOUS. Do you do an honest day’s work for a day’s pay? Can you name some unpleasant task you have done because it had to be done and no one else would do it?

7 COOPERATIVE. Do you always do your part in a team assignment? Do you often volunteer to help?

8 COURAGEOUS. Do you undertake challenges readily? Have you ever had to stand firm on your principles despite opposition?

9 DECISIVE. Are you able to make clear-cut decisions under pressure? Do you stand behind them later? Have you ever had to take a firm stand and accept responsibility for it?

10 DIPLOMATIC. Can you cope with difficult situations involving other people? Have you restored harmony where there was friction? Settled a difficult personnel problem?

11 DISCREET. Are you able to keep a secret? Do you guard confidential material carefully? Do you respect other people’s right to privacy?

12 EFFICIENT. Do you plan you time well? Do you consciously try to improve your work habits?

13 ENTHUSIASTIC. Are you interested in your work? Or studies? Do you inspire others with your own interests? Have you ever done extra work because of your interest?

14 HONEST. Have you ever served as the treasurer of an organization? Been bonded? Are you careful with trade secrets? School or company property and supplies? Do you pass along praise when credit belongs elsewhere? Accept blame for your own mistakes?

15 IMAGINATIVE. Do you often or occasionally come up with new ideas? Have you ever contributed an idea, which proved both workable and profitable?

16 INDUSTRIOUS. Can you be your own self-starter? Do you work steadily on a task until it is done? Do you resist interruptions whenever possible?

17 LEADERSHIP ABILITIES. Do people willingly follow your suggestions? Have you held positions of responsibility at work? In school? In clubs or community activities?

18 LEVEL-HEADED. Do you feel in control of yourself most of the time? Can other people count on your day-to-day mood to be generally agreeable? Do you generally feel good will toward other people?

19 LOYAL. Can you set aside petty grievances to get a job done? Have you ever been in a situation where you stayed with a project or organization because of a sense of responsibility despite disagreement?

20 OBSERVANT. Do you remember names easily? Places? Do you recall facts and figures accurately? Find your way in a new locale?

21 OPEN-MINDED. Are you able to accept ideas contrary to your own? Do you adapt well to change?

22 ORDERLY. Do you keep things where they belong? Have a knack for arranging things in a logical way? Enjoy detail work?

23 PATIENT. Can you keep your temper? Are you able to train other workers calmly even when you have to explain some procedures over and over again?

24 PERSISTENT. Can you stick to a task even when your enthusiasm and patience are thin? Have you ever accomplished something in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

25 PERSUASIVE. Are you successful in bringing others to your point of view? In selling things and ideas?

26 PUNCTUAL. Do you consistently arrive on time?

27 RESOURCEFUL. Do you see what needs to be done and do it without being told? Do you explore every possible means of solving a problem? Have you ever worked your way out of an impossible situation?

28 SINCERE. Are you honest in your attitude toward yourself and other people? Wholehearted in your expressed interests and enthusiasms?

29 SYMPATHETIC. Do you try to understand the problems of others? Do people confide in you often? Do you help them?

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