Educate school

G. B. Shaw: ” I see things and ask, why not”

let me tell you that if we really take the knowledge of all the quote that has been wrote, we would live in a better place

…. and for sure a nice sane school evolution would please lots and lots of children

Just think about your day at school and it is not just a matter of being seated all morning to attend school subject thrown in mixed salad hours with your pause time measured in minutes. Maybe for lots of people at work happens the same, but do you really think this is a quality life promoting the wellbeing in a not stressful way of living?

We talk about peace and love but at the end, at school, we don’t have a single subject that guides students to empathy. Instead, we keep studying wars data where the entire mechanism is a stressful direction to nowhere

Students are getting stronger than teachers dictatorship and bullying is becoming more powerful, no matter what. Just think about teacher behavior during a class and you know where the bully is coming from. Being a bully is being a school product

Think about when the school operator yells at the student in front of everybody else or uses his/her power to warn, to take possession of a notebook or a diary, or simply asking a question in a matter of the subject, in this case, they are disrupting the intimacy of the single student among others, free spiritual amputations. May some child has a fast recovery but not everyone and this is why we meet students killing themselves jumping from the window or students that simply avoid school or chaos among society…

In every item that surrounds us in daily life, there is an evolution, even the post office…well, the son of your son is going to the same school your grandfather used to go!!! Don’t you think this is kind of strange?

Montessori, Steiner or who else for them, political Bullshit…the phrase: “the education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world” it depends on which side you are reading it. Per fact, the tragedy is well visible… 

Now, let’s see sports classes at school, what value do they have! What about music or Art and design seems like that the only matter is Math and still we are facing crisis after crisis and economic disaster!!! Sorry, I don’t get it.  Technology is forgotten and the phone is left on the bag, don’t touch it or you’ll be punished. Forget about the PC. Such a new tech should be used to master digitization, memorize letters positions, and all digits operation….

Sports classes they really suck, I know different schools where the only sport they practice is football, volleyball, basketball of course when the teacher is available and not in a school excursions with other classes…How the school director can send the only sport teacher to a school trip without letting classes sport involved to know about it! What is happening is that students goes to school with all their equipment and remain with dry mouth…

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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