Back to basics…


How to school

  • How to organize schools in the way that they can supply to all students the complete series of knowledge and drive education
  • How schools they can provide to the youngest the correct necessary motivations that will enlarge learning as a permanent activity
  • How the school system can supply a contribute to please the economic growth in Europe
  • How the school system can satisfy at the best way the necessity to offer equity by remembering the cultural diversity and to reduce the amount of youngest by leaving the school
  • If the school has to satisfy the educational exigence of every single student, how to act at the program level, of the school organization and the teacher rule
  • How the school community can please and help the students to become a responsible citizen within the harmony peace tolerance when facing diversity
  • How to provide the teacher training and support to face the arising problems
  • How the school community can receive the guide and the necessary motivation for success
  • How they can acquire the power of evolution to face the changes at exigence level and questions
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A service is more likely to be used when the ambient is informed

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Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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