Personal qualities vs cultural subjects

Personal qualities
1.               Able to work alone 2. Imaginative
3.               Ambitious                                            4.  Industrious
5.               Analytical                                             6.  Leaders ship abilities
7.               Competent               8.  Level headed sensible, practical, realistic, prudent, pragmatic, wise, reasonable, rational mature, judicious, sound, sober, businesslike, nonsense, composed,     calm, cool, and collected’, confident, well-balanced, equable, coolheaded, self-possessed, having one’s feet on the ground, unflappable, together, grounded
9.               Congenial                                            10. Loyal
11.            Conscientious                         12. Observant
13.            Cooperative                           14.  Open minded
15.            Courageous                             16.  Orderly
17.            Decisive                                18.  Patient
19.            Diplomatic                                             20. Punctual
21.            Discreet                                22.  Persistent
23.            Efficient                                24.  Resourceful
25.            Persuasive                                             26.  Sincere
27.            Enthusiastic                              28.  Sympathetic
29.            Honest                                  30.  Intelligent
personal qualities

Cultural subjects

  1. Art
  2. Geo
  3. literature and gram
  4. language
  5. Music and entertainment
  6. Religion and philosophy
  7. Physical science
  8. Technological science
  9. Natural science
  10. Social science
  11. Sport hobby games
  12. History
  13. Hygiene and first aid
  14. Food e Beverage
  15. Math

  • How and when do you measure personal qualities,
  • how and when do you measure cultural subjects,
  • how do they combine together,
  • how your early age at school are improved and encouraged…

skool quality life

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