Schooling with style

  • Review and processing of indications for kindergarten and the education cycle in general
  • Get all young people to acquire essential knowledge and skills and raise awareness among the adult population for the exercise of citizenship rights, including by raising the education requirement to 16 years
  • Stimulate and encourage students’ participation in school life
  • Promote the establishment of provincial centers for adult education
  • To train citizens being in the world and not nationalists in region
  • Educate in hygiene to coexist with the culture of hospitality
  • Contemporary education initiatives
  • International student welfare plan as an ambassador of the world
  • Prevent bullying with new pedagogical rules
  • New humanism
  • Enhance school autonomy
  • Open the school to families and the local area
  • Promote the formation of parents and families
  • Accompaniment and guidance function towards the pupil
  • Innovating the role and identity of teachers
  • Reorganize and strengthen education as: let the school live
  • Efficiency and functionality of the school system
  • Periodical evaluation of school operators
  • Evaluation of the janitor without being a school slave
  • (culture – education) “programming of resources aimed at implementing European cohesion policies”

  • Evaluation Vs Judgment Communication
  • Socialization
  • Nutrition, Bon Ton, food and beverage as a subject that will follow the individual throughout his life
  • Scientific and technological education
  • re/evalutaion of Art Music as well as all the school subject
  • Sport Obesity Vs movement
  • Environment Technological Innovation available

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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