The key to success

Tourism and education are the key to success not for a single country but for the entire world as everything will drive through two simple basic desire. Tourism and education…From this point any debate can start to drive any subject, (food, music, art, science of any kind ….) within tourism and education, including new evaluated jobs offer. The entire idea of building an European community based on military defense reunion with 27 different countries plus NATO will definitely take to a confrontation. A unique currency among different, separate economic countries policies will create a confrontation of new poverty. I guess there is a huge diplomatic “virus” spread from higher head levels to advance and enlarge the EU community helping to build a weaker country to succeed in his own goal in favor of a bigger interest.

Tourism and education are the key to success made to evolve to quality life …but I guess the majority of people is not ready yet as they still live in a medieval transition, a restlessness spiritual and material slavery. Tv is the master illusion made to create believers in miserable respectable people because lack of education, missing empathy. Fulfilling desire of alcohol to escape reality, stadium delirium, ending up to buy more than what they chew filling their dishes and the dinner table with no respect of life, on their self…every festivity is made on consuming food ..and this is how they grow up…seems like people never eat during normal week days.

Renewed education educates people to a greater respect in tourism, the environment and Art that builds up the single parts

Published by Marco Brevi

Idealist within the innovation where an abstract concept in intuition create quality style in our life

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