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Please Pinocchio’s fantasies, welcome Lucignolo dreams

it’s about time to spin the wheel of education

Very probably, school is not what you’ve always seen!!!

Idealist in innovation
Without fear in rethinking the school world, in the strength of science reinventing where reality continually redraws itself. The goal is not to make predictions but to offer an image of reality and a conceptual framework to think about things and understand them better

the task is not to see what no one has seen yet, but to think what no one has yet thought about what everyone sees. Arthur Schopenhauer

School solutions

XXL school MEGA project

Kinder, Primary & Secondary level

Helping society to schooling with style, moving humanity to better education

school solutions

The intuitive foundations of my school vision allow me to draw right educational and pedagogical solutions

What it means…school quality life…

school quality life

  • The willing to come back at school instead of daily suffering
  • Evaluation based on creating personal qualities instead of judging their knowledge…let them be their own judge
  • How children spend their time at school
  • What their quality of study and…
  • How their recreational moment or pause between lessons is used
  • Is school prepared to offer an organized pause in a recreational dimension?
  • Is school prepared to build daily life citizens in order to be ambassadors of their future?

Let me give you a few major points I cover based on: ” how to…”

school project made to excel

How to school

How to organize schools in the way that they can supply to all students the complete series of knowledge and drive education

Come organizzare le scuole in modo da poter fornire a tutti gli studenti la serie completa di conoscenze e guidare l’educazione

XXL school project

satisfy the educational exigence of every single student by acting at the program level of the school organization and the teacher rule

soddisfare le esigenze educative di ogni singolo studente agendo a livello di programma, dell’organizzazione scolastica e delle regole dell’insegnante

School success
concepts and ideas can give an impact to the world

How the school community can receive the guide and the necessary motivation for success

Come la comunità scolastica può ricevere la guida e le motivazioni richieste per il successo

Skool quality life

How the school system can supply a contribute to please the economic growth in Europe

Come il sistema scolastico può fornire un contributo per soddisfare la crescita economica in Europa

Updating school
I believe that quality is for everybody and everyone is welcome

satisfy at the best way the necessity to offer equity by remembering the cultural diversity reducing the amount of youngest by leaving the school

soddisfare al meglio la necessità di offrire equità ricordando la diversità culturale e riducendo la quantità di giovani che abbandonano la scuola

Evolutionary power
Factor solution

How they can acquire the power of evolution to face the changes at exigence level and questions

Come possono acquisire il potere dell’evoluzione per affrontare i cambiamenti a livello di esigenze e domande

create school, evolve space

How schools they can provide to the youngest the correct necessary motivations that will enlarge learning as a permanent activity

Come le scuole possono fornire ai più piccoli le giuste motivazioni necessarie che allargheranno l’apprendimento come attività permanente

let’s build something together

How the school community can please and help students to become a responsible citizen within the harmony peace tolerance when facing diversity

Come la comunità scolastica può compiacere e aiutare gli studenti a diventare cittadini responsabili nell’ambito dell’armonia della tolleranza di pace di fronte alla diversità

Cradle of culture
Evolve gradually move towards more advanced natural, spiritual or cultural form

How to provide the teacher training and support to face the arising problems

Come fornire formazione e supporto all’insegnante per affrontare i problemi che si presentano

Those are the major points I cover with my school project. Space and ambient matching a pedagogical organization are the complement of the entire design…

Sport has a new dimension of being exposed as well as Food & beverage, Hygiene, Art, math, tech. science, nat. science, grammar, music, language, geo, history, education… a contemporary approach to culture and education

Schooling with style

Following the light of the sun, we left the old world…we need to take what is important and leave the rest behind…rejuvenating school to better profit

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Love for children?

How love for children is expressed at school!

The intuitive Vision is what makes out of us a Genius. My intuitive vision allow me to draw solutions through a cosmopolitan school and educational design made to excel evolve and renew old paradigms no longer suitable

evolving school

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