cambiamo la scuola

Cambiare la scuola significa dare alla scuola un nuovo volto, una nuova immagine, un nuovo futuro. La scuola ha il necessario bisogno di creare cittadini al servizio della nazione ed ambasciatori nel mondo. Qui, noi stiamo trascinando un servizio poco culturale e non educativo creando problemi con un bisogno successivo di soluzionarli muovendo chaos nellaContinue reading “cambiamo la scuola”

school quality life

what does it mean….school quality life… school quality life it means how children spend their time at school, what their quality of study, evaluation based on creating and perfection their personal qualities instead of judging their knowledge on subjects…let them be their own judge First of all we need to ask to our children orContinue reading “school quality life”

Update school operators

Teacher’s work needs to be updated as to be guides to information restructuring the not pedagogical judgment idea in to a winning prize. School operators create with a desk their own office in no property within the arrogance of being. School timing peacefully attending where systems theory is the meeting of mathematics models associated withContinue reading “Update school operators”

Obesity at school

At the moment, one child over three is affected by obesity, but the number is raising up as there is more profit on creating a problem instead of offering a solution. Most of the teachers rather to stay in class than join the outside park world. (The fact is also based on security purpose). AtContinue reading “Obesity at school”

History repeating

School operators follows an erroneously pedagogic regime dictated by a vintage time without realizing the biggest error: not recognizing their childhood or avoiding their passed time at school. It means not remembering judgment , frustration, the 7 AM early bird, bully, empty sacrifice. The best of their younger time lost in space without knowing whatContinue reading “History repeating”

votate, votate, votate

kind of weird… during my last visit at the ministry of education by presenting the project to my interlocutor, the person in charge didn’t know the regular basic subject material delivered in a classroom. Cool !!! … This is kind of shocking and still regular on daily basis…