Neuroscience, feed the brain

Our body needs nutrients just like the brain needs positive forms of environmental stimulus, here man responds to laws governed by the universe where everything that he does not following human needs creates social distortions that are negative with time. Progress does not happen by fortuity; even the future has a clearer direction in theContinue reading “Neuroscience, feed the brain”


Your attitude controls your mind, and your mind delivers the body language – Attitudes set the quality and mood of your thoughts, your voice tone, and your spoken words. Most importantly, they govern your facial and body language. Attitudes are like trays on which we serve ourselves up to other people. Once your mind isContinue reading “Psychology”

Effective learning

Effective learning while creating a well being group, big brother compensation Time in his simple division, when it’s run shorter, quicker and more direct – the group as a union of non-group “class” – connect divided ages into common groups of equal interest -Teachers, guides, information participate in the activities while cultural material information worthContinue reading “Effective learning”

school quality

People see the madness in my colorful vivacity and can not see the madness in their boring normality! Alice in wonderland Problem optimization in the solution at first by bringing a school to a total revision as a main base to promote a new environment that guide’s you to different level of communication (each structure has ownContinue reading “school quality”

The evolution is the solution

I always had visions of the future creating ideas to facilitate the development of the social environment carried in evolving a company or a system.  Harmonize an organization in order to simplify life within a single day. Here in short lines mine specific within the mandatory school in order to improve the education in aContinue reading “The evolution is the solution”

where the school come from

School, the culture and educational environment where we send our children, never had proper style, her own personality but has acquired an etiquette that comes from the scriptorium/scriptoria; Scriptorium,  literally “a place for writing”, is used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the writing, copying and illuminating of manuscripts byContinue reading “where the school come from”

If books could act

If books could act we will have a perfect world and clean well organized csociety among schools and social services. War as per man history will be: “History” moving towards new ideals may unknown to man kind. In this matter we are supporting the primary ancestors step, I mean why discovering other planets when weContinue reading “If books could act”

Get inspire

Compulsory school is a nonsense preparation of the mystery all around and incredibly closed for all the festivities, actually the entire school calendar is based on school festivities, the remaining are salad of hours determined in months in another nonsense evaluation! If the school wants to provide a real interest and development and an auto evaluationContinue reading “Get inspire”


Pointless to wait for an outside food service called “catering” when it should “primarily” organized and promoted  as a life time activity  Learning becomes mechanical in what is experienced by living it, exercising steps that leads into the next one. Errors of a designed and arranged pedagogy on social purposes shows a clear failure andContinue reading “Empathy”