• Review and processing indications for kindergarten and the education cycle in general
  • Get all young people to acquire essential knowledge and skills, to raise awareness among the adult population for citizenship rights, including raising the education requirement to 16 years
  • Stimulate and encourage students’ participation in school life
  • Promote the establishment in provincial centers for adult education


  • To train citizens being in the world not nationalists in region
  • Educate in hygiene, coexistence, culture of hospitality
  • Contemporary education initiatives
  • International student welfare plan as an ambassador of the world
  • Prevent bullying with new pedagogical rules
  • New humanism
  • Enhance school autonomy


  • Open school to families and the surrounding
  • Promote the formation of parents and families
  • Guidance function towards the pupil
  • Innovating the role and identity of teachers
  • Reorganize and strengthen education to master school
  • Efficiency and functionality of the school system
  • Periodical evaluation of school operators

  • Evaluation of the janitor without being a school slave
  • culture / education “programming of resources aimed to implementing European cohesion policies”
  • Evaluation Vs Judgment Communication
  • Socialization

  • Nutrition, Bon Ton, food and beverage as a subject that will follow the individual throughout his life
  • Scientific and technological education
  • Re/evaluation of Art Music as well as all the school subject
  • Sport, Obesity Vs movement
  • Environment Technological Innovation available

Let’s build something together

something that will stay in the future that will bring us a brighter tomorrow for what has to come

Abstract concept in intuition is the genius

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