what about if school were completely different

what about if school were completely different …the willing to go to school

Pensare positivi

In Europa non c’è una lingua ferma, stabile, valevole per tutti i paesi e di comune accordo, siamo ancora vittime di razzismi culturali, nazionalisti si parla dell’inglese ma le scuole lo insegnano male, termini la scuola che non hai imparato praticamente nulla ( come Musica/disegno…geografia, storia…). In allegato ai libri vi sono dei CD cheContinue reading “Pensare positivi”

Update school operators

Teacher’s work needs to be updated as to be guides to information restructuring the not pedagogical judgment idea in to a winning prize. School operators create with a desk their own office in no property within the arrogance of being. School timing peacefully attending where systems theory is the meeting of mathematics models associated withContinue reading “Update school operators”

History repeating

School operators follows an erroneously pedagogic regime dictated by a vintage time without realizing the biggest error: not recognizing their childhood or avoiding their passed time at school. It means not remembering judgment , frustration, the 7 AM early bird, bully, empty sacrifice. The best of their younger time lost in space without knowing whatContinue reading “History repeating”

votate, votate, votate

kind of weird… during my last visit at the ministry of education by presenting the project to my interlocutor, the person in charge didn’t know the regular basic subject material delivered in a classroom. Cool !!! … This is kind of shocking and still regular on daily basis…

XXL skool project

Original personalities with genius ideas will impress wide circles of people throughout the society. Driving education to schooling with style … Think about the single school subject such as history Geo science…and how miserable are delivered and how poorly the school has been designed to teach. If culture is measured through teach subjects, how educationContinue reading “XXL skool project”

Back to basics…

How to school How to organize schools in the way that they can supply to all students the complete series of knowledge and drive education How schools they can provide to the youngest the correct necessary motivations that will enlarge learning as a permanent activity How the school system can supply a contribute to please theContinue reading “Back to basics…”

Nuova struttura scolastica parte 2

Una nuova scuola non è una “buonascuola” ma una struttura che porta l’alunno che si sente ormai “di casa” verso un maggiore rispetto e “timore” per nuove regole di gioco ed una ideologia educativo pedagogica rinnovata che apre nuova avventura scolastica. Creare per definire goal che portano e creano professione, l’accesso ad un’altro istituto educativoContinue reading “Nuova struttura scolastica parte 2”