what about if school were completely different

lightening up your quality daily life what about if school were completely different …the willing to go to school, an interest to go back, the desire to participate.

what about if school were completely different

what about if school were completely different …the willing to go to school

Punishment at school

As I go to school, I am obliged to listen at the Master / Teacher / Professor for two three five hours; a class companion makes me laugh for a gesture or phrase and I get punished? Cornered out the door with the math book? How dare he thinks he is studying pedagogy on punishing a child,Continue reading “Punishment at school”

Cultural arrogance

Initial smiles evolved with screams warnings recall and notes expulsions plus common not so regular evaluations. It has been proved that in a class of a number of students is normal for the teacher to sympathize with some elements rather than others, so antipathy towards certain characters it is natural…so, where the judgement come from,Continue reading “Cultural arrogance”

The indifference to future meets initial value results

The job itself worth his harmony by being offered and organized to please and the example is the environment and intrinsic behavior. Attending daily lessons and proposals in unhealthy schools without physical and mental freedom of expression in a total obstruction to education smells as an expired time elapsed with textbooks submitted by school operators in aContinue reading “The indifference to future meets initial value results”

Love is all you need but it ain’t enough to grow

School is  easily organized when you feel the need for development renewal, the creation of cultural and educational spaces following an organized structure in time where timing matters. Evaluation and pedagogical consequence future leave footprint in the subject, increase the quality of life where the lack of knowledge leans prejudices … where followed instincts opensContinue reading “Love is all you need but it ain’t enough to grow”

Peace and love

The school today is a frozen thought  in an actual damage and yet, most people still without thinking promote the same ignorance ever since that unites them in a medieval torpor, in a football stadium, drowsiness in a continuous wail that condemns them into a mandatory frequency without results and perpetual ignorance waiting for theContinue reading “Peace and love”

Creare diversità

Tutti diversi per carattere, fisionomia, desideri ma altresi tutti uguali nella ricerca di propria qualita di vita. Scuole ed insegnanti promettono educazione e nella mancanza del non riuscire nell’opera colpevolizzano i genitori della loro incapacità educativa. La struttura non può offire niente altro che un posto in cui sedersi fronte ad un banco dove vengonoContinue reading “Creare diversità”

Evolvere per affrontare i cambiamenti

Come possono acquisire la facoltà di evolvere per poter affrontare i cambiamenti a livello delle esigenze e delle domande Se si desidera evolvere è necessario “sbarazzarsi” di fattori ostruenti all’evoluzione. “Thinking out of the box” L’evoluzione è tale se l’offerta porta a migliore civilizzazione. La cocciutaggine del rimanere ancorati al porto per paura del viaggioContinue reading “Evolvere per affrontare i cambiamenti”