what about if school were completely different

lightening up your quality daily life what about if school were completely different …the willing to go to school, an interest to go back, the desire to participate.

what about if school were completely different

what about if school were completely different …the willing to go to school

Educate school

G. B. Shaw: ” I see things and ask, why not” let me tell you that if we really take the knowledge of all the quote that has been wrote, we would live in a better place …. and for sure a nice sane school evolution would please lots and lots of children Just thinkContinue reading “Educate school”

Peace and love

where is all this school wisdom, where are all the books teaching  love peace and tolerance where are the guiding operators who drive students to excell in their future are teachers promoting quality life? are teachers or professors pleasing students needs? School  schedule thrown in a nonsense organization!!! Teachers running from one class to another and students waiting “the savior”Continue reading “Peace and love”

Peace and Love

Essere campioni significa un costante serio allenamento che porta a partecipare ed a divenire …effetto e rispettiva causa che la scuola considerata dell’obbligo  non conosce. Scrivere sui muri dei bagni pensieri e numeri di telefono destinati ad un arte che unisce la pennellata digitata di escrementi, buttare carta dal finestrino dell’automobile, non raccogliere l’articolo cheContinue reading “Peace and Love”

Problems VS Solutions

A class composed by elements of different age and united in an numerological organization contributes to global respect in rights and duties activating awareness. Being responsible means control, management and leadership, therefore to receive liability to place a mission the duty to participate a commitment to knowledge, empowered active classes in moving students character to “work”Continue reading “Problems VS Solutions”

Hygiene VS Gender

School structure should Act on programs as well as school ambient and organization should act on teachers role. Time and timing meet students participation and groups subjects evaluation… Educational perspectives addressed to educational needs and cultural activities, lightening culture at a turning point attracting less problems. School educational problems increase when nothing has been arranged andContinue reading “Hygiene VS Gender”

Liberal arts

Why students have to follow a school subject and receive negative comments when there is a need of individuality ( all with the same book) and reject the buddy desk because he is not good in geography as the student in the back row!     Considered the circus where the elephant dance and sealsContinue reading “Liberal arts”

A circle of fools

A reduction of teachers role’s by revaluing the awareness of being a knowledge guide on providing information in a specific singular clear precise subject  within valuable regular update, this is the information guideline within the students group. For those teachers accustomed having their “genital” covered behind the desk, education and a new revisited pedagogical ideals will removesContinue reading “A circle of fools”