Intuition / Empathy

If during the early age we cover our eyes from light our neurons will not receive a stimulus to communicate How can you be so sure that school is what has been presented for 1000 years… How much value has a social system when it doesn’t produce happiness and peaceful cohabitation


The list has been developed to help you evaluate personal qualities, which might be significant to an employer BUT valuable in school students operations evaluations. 1 ABLE TO WORK ALONE. Do you plan your own work? Can you work by yourself when there are no other people around? 2 AMBITIOUS. Do you keep up withContinue reading “PERSONAL QUALITIES CHECK LIST”

Nuova struttura scolastica parte 2

Una nuova scuola non è una “buonascuola” ma una struttura che porta l’alunno che si sente ormai “di casa” verso un maggiore rispetto e “timore” per nuove regole di gioco ed una ideologia educativo pedagogica rinnovata che apre nuova avventura scolastica. Creare per definire goal che portano e creano professione, l’accesso ad un’altro istituto educativoContinue reading “Nuova struttura scolastica parte 2”


Pointless to wait for an outside food service called “catering” when it should “primarily” organized and promoted  as a life time activity  Learning becomes mechanical in what is experienced by living it, exercising steps that leads into the next one. Errors of a designed and arranged pedagogy on social purposes shows a clear failure andContinue reading “Empathy”